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Email: puppyinfo@loveourpups.com

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We do offer a discount if you are interested in adopting two of our babies! Please call for more details!

                     PawTree                                    Food, Treats, & Toys 

Your puppy is so ready to meet you! For an easy transition for your new puppy lets make sure you have everything you need and the most important their food!

To prepare you and your family for receiving your puppy we wanted you to know the following. When you order your puppy’s food, treats, & toys today they will be prepared for their new home. When feed your puppy a complete and well-balanced diet, you can help improve your dog’s lifelong health, that’s why when choosing your puppies food, you want to make the right decision. Your puppy has been use to eat PawTree real chicken and oatmeal every day.

We recommend PawTree real chicken and oatmeal for the first reason is it is made in the United States and is shipped directly to your home due to it is not sold in stores. It also contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, artificial colors, corn, corn gluten, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, or preservative chemicals. For the first ingredient is real meat with no by-products. Even you plan to switch brands, I highly recommend that you order at least a 10.3-pound bag of food. When you make an abrupt food change in a puppy it can cause digestive problems and can pose other serious health risk. Having a bag on hand will help make the transition as easy as possible.